Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What A Country

In the 1970's and 1980's, many Jews left Russia for the United States, Israel and other countries where they could enjoy freedom, religious and otherwise. Many such people left their homes with few possessions. Two such people, a young married couple, came to the Detroit area in 1979 because the husband had an uncle here. The young couple left Russia with just a few suitcases. They arrived here with even less than what they had taken.

The couple's first stop upon landing at Metro Airport was the headquarters for Jewish Family Services, which was then on Greenfield Road in Southfield. Through hard work and assistance from family and the community, the family realized the American dream. The husband became a successful engineer and with his wife bought a house in which they raised two daughters.

The older daughter graduated from law school this past May. Last Thursday, she received notice that she passed the Michigan Bar Exam on her first try. She got the good news from her father while she was at her new office, having started her first job as an attorney that very morning. Her office is on Greenfield Road in Southfield-in the very same building that was her parents' first stop in America.

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mrs. ap said...

that's really cool. your new hire, perchance? you should definitely send that story to the JN - they love that sort of thing.